After Workout Protein Shake

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about post-workout protein shakes, but why exactly do we do it?

When we’re sore after a workout it’s because we have heaps of tiny tears in our muscles caused by intense contracting during the workout.
Protein repairs these tears and the fastest way to get it to the muscles is by having a liquid protein shake immediately after your workout.
If you’re worried the protein will make you bulk up, don’t panic. Protein only repairs muscles, it doesn’t build muscle. If you do want to bulk up, there are specific protein shakes with mass amount of carbs which helps build the muscle as well as repair.
When buying protein, make sure you go to a proper supplement store and get the right one!

Long story short: A post-workout protein shake will stop you being sore the next day which means you get to continue to work out with more intensity and lose more weight.

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