Weights for Weight Loss

When I first joined a gym, I concentrated more on doing cardio but since learning about clean eating and all things involved I’ve heard a lot about the importance of weight lifting/resistance training.

I decided to do my research and it turns out lifting weights is very helpful when trying to lose weight and definitely isn’t just for people wanting to bulk up.

When you lift weights, you build lean muscle. Lean muscle needs energy to maintain as well as energy to repair after a workout therefor you burn more calories once you’ve finished working out than if you had less lean muscle.

A personal trainer at my gym once explained it to me something like driving a car, she said “When you finish cardio you switch the engine off, but when you finish a weight session you leave the engine running.”


It’s important to do any resistance training before cardio. The first reason being that cardio will lower performance with weights but weights won’t lower performance with cardio. You just won’t have enough energy to lift weights after running on the treadmill.

The second and very important reason has to do with how your body uses fuel. Energy comes from glycogen (carbs in the liver) and stored fat. Obviously we want to get to the stored fat but your body always goes for the glycogen first. When you lift weights, your body can only access glycogen so when you do cardio after weights, you’ll be accesses the stored fat during cardio.

This is a bit of an exaggeration but still gives a good hint

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