Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

So for almost a month now I’ve been taking green coffee bean extract every day. I was really hoping I could tell you it works but it doesn’t. I’ve seen no change in my weight loss, my energy levels or my appetite.
I’ve been really struggling with my weight loss journey lately, I’ve lost all motivation and I just can’t figure out how to get it back. This last week I’ve been to the gym three times after months of not going and in that week I’ve put on another kg. So no, the coffee bean extract definitely did not work for me. I’m not claiming that they don’t work at all, they just didn’t for me.
In a way I’m kind of glad, because if they did work like they were advertised it would just give me another excuse not to try my hardest and put in my all. I guess I’m just going to have to keep searching for that motivation.


Walking on an empty stomach, Good or Bad?

So I was intending on writing a post about how to maximise weight loss by going for a 45 minute walk before breakfast but first wanted to research why.

In my research I found out that it may not actually be a good as I originally thought. Most professionals say it’s a myth.

The pro argument (what I was planning on saying):

The body burns through sugar levels and glycogen (carbs in the liver) when exercising; but before you’ve eaten, these levels are at their lowest so the body quickly burns through what’s left of them and starts burning through stored fat.

It’s low intensity because if the body needs to quickly access energy it will take it from the muscle rather than the fat.

The against argument:

There are so many arguments against but I’ll try to keep it short

  • More likely to burn muscle on an empty stomach which is bad
  • Same calories burnt either way, weight loss is about burning calories
  • Eating prior gives you energy to perform better

If you want to read the more detailed arguments here’s some links. I highly recommend watching the Dr. Oz video in the first link because he’s awesome, I’ll trust what he says.