A New Beginning

So it has been about seven months since I have posted anything on this blog. The last few months have definitely not been my best. I gained weight, hit a self-esteem low point and lost all confidence and motivation I had in myself.
It’s time to turn myself around and start this again. The road to success has many failures and I’ve always known this but I didn’t expect to be heading in the wrong direction for such a long period of time. The only thing I can do now is see it as a learning experience and continue moving forward.
I recently turned twenty one and for my birthday I received multiple vouchers and a reasonable amount of money. I decided to put all of that away until I reach my weight goal and to use it as a reward to go shopping. I told my dad this at which point he asked, “So what is your weight goal?”. I had no idea because I’m not weighing myself (because if I do I’ll unhealthily obsess over it) so I bought myself lingerie from Agent Provocateur including a waspie (which is like a corset) in a size 10 and decided that my goal is to fit into it without muffining over the top.
I have quite a way to go and I’m not giving myself any time limit because I’ve realised having a time frame stresses me out to the point where I screw up or give up. I just have to believe in myself and I will get there. I’ll have my bad days and I’ll have my good days but as long as there is more good than bad I will be moving forward.


Fish Oil and Krill Oil

If you’re looking for something to help you lose weight, one of these two supplements will be your new best friend. The omega 3 in these supplements decreases insulin which is what turns food into fat in your body. Too much insulin stops your body from breaking down stored fat to use as energy. It also causes high blood sugar levels.

Omega 3 increases your ability to burn fat because it increases blood flow to your muscles during exercise as well as being an anti-inflammatory which will help prevent that soreness after a workout. The catch here is that you do need to exercise for that to work.

Fish oil and krill oil are incredibly beneficial to your heart, eyes and brain. They also help maintain cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels and relieve osteoporosis.

I personal preference is krill oil because it’s stronger, but either is much better than nothing. Here’s a video comparing krill oil to fish oil.

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