Clean Nachos

Ingredients: (serves 3)
High quality beef mince
2 red capsicums
1 green capsicum
1 brown onion
2 tomatoes
2 heaped dessert spoons cottage cheese
Garlic to taste
Mixed herbs

4 mountain bread rye wraps

Fresh lemon juice
Cottage cheese

Greek yoghurt

Dice capsicum, tomatoes and onion
Put onion and capsicum in a large saucepan and soften with some oil
Add mince and tomatoes
Slightly brown mince, then add garlic and herbs

Once cooked completely turn off heat and add cottage cheese

Place rye bread wraps in oven until crispy
Break up into nacho sized pieces

Mash some avocado with cottage cheese and lemon juice
Serve with Greek yoghurt

Arrival of the Green Coffee Bean

My coffee bean extract arrived today and I’m really looking forward to seeing if there is any change in the next few weeks. I took two today before lunch and there was a change by dinner.
Last week on my cheat day we ordered crust pizza and I ate a whole one by myself. Tonight we did the same and I couldn’t take another bite after half.
I’m not saying that this is because of the extract but you’ve got to wonder. I’ll keep posted on it.

Please note that I am in no way recommending this brand. Do your own research. Most of the reviews on the internet I can’t believe because they recommend specific brands and have links to buy them which probably means they’re getting paid by that company.

Clean Satay Chicken

Here’s a super quick yummy dinner.
Adapt the recipe to the amount of chicken you’re using, it doesn’t matter if you make too much satay sauce.

2 heaped dessert spoons of macro peanut butter
2 heaped dessert spoons of greek yoghurt
Chicken breast/tenderloins

Mix together peanut butter and greek yoghurt

In a large bowl mix the raw chicken with the satay sauce until all chicken is coated

Cook in frying pan
Serve with steamed veggies

Tip: There will be a lot of crusty bits stuck to the bottom of your frying pan. Scrape them up and put them on top of your chicken because they’re really yummy.